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Dry & Cracked Skin Repair .8oz pot


This cream contains a high concentration of natural butters and oils to better quench dryness and regenerate damaged skin. Ample amounts of Avocado, Olive, Shea & Cocoa butters give it a richness like no other.  It’s luxuriousness is something you feel instantly as you first apply it and later as you continue to run your fingers across your newly retextured skin. Use this cream all over hands & body as often as needed to promote healthy, smooth, toned, hydrated and beautiful skin.

* Rich butters that nourish dry skin and 
* Improve cracks, roughness & callouses
* Natural oils that moisturize all day long
* Rosehip Seed & Carrot Seed oils that 
* Regenerate & repair damaged skin
* Essentials of Lemongrass, Juniper Berry,
* Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary to help
* Promote circulation
* Tighten and tone skin
* Reduce appearance of cellulite,
* Scars, stretch marks and spider veins
* Uplifting Sweet Orange essential oil

Directions:  Apply as often as needed to soften and hydrate skin.  Use after sunning to prolong tan and reduce chance of peeling.  Use before going outdoors to protect skin from harsh weather.  Apply generously to rough, cracked skin and callouses on hands, feet, knees and elbows.  Use over legs, hips and belly to help smooth and tone skin.

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