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Eye Defense .8oz


Specially formulated to brighten tired looking eyes and reduce puffiness.  Brimming with a multitude of herbal extracts in a soothing aloe vera gel, our Eye Defense works like a miniature at home facial to freshen and rejuvenate your entire face.

* Red Raspberry Extract improves tissue firmness
* Chamomile Extract reduces bags and puffiness
* Cucumber & Helichrysum Extracts reduce dark circles
* Strawberry Extract reduces appearance of pores
* Pomegranate & Green Tea Extract fight free radicals
* Seaweed Extract for its anti-inflammatory properties

Directions: Gently Apply to eye area before moisturizing to reduce puffiness and dark circles. May be used all over face to reduce pores and tighten skin. For best results, use twice daily under Golden Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Cream.


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