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Here are a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received through the years.  We love hearing from you.  Your words are a huge source of encouragement.  Thank you, and God Bless you.


*Thank you so much for your products.  They have changed me so much.  You are in my thoughts and prayers. - Debbie, Ohio.

*I haven't tried anything that I don't absolutely love!!!  Amazing is an understatement! - Andrea, Ohio.

*Could you please mail me a few of your pamphlets so I can pass out to the ladies I work with. I love all your products and would love to help share the information with others. - Carolyn, Indiana.

*Love your products for myself and my son.  I am so glad I found you, and I will be happy to share how great your products are with my friends:) - Laurie, Ohio.

*Hi Jen.  Thank you for such quick service.  Sandy would be proud of you.  Have a wonderful year and keep up your good work. - Ann, Indiana.

Herbal Oils

*My son hasn't been sleeping thru the night for the last 2 weeks and this last week I have attributed it to the snotty nose and ear infection he has, so I put the Ear Support Herbal Remedy, Stress Relief Remedy, and the Immune Support Herbal Remedy on the bottoms of his feet, mind you he's 2, and he enjoyed every bit of it. I did this after his bath and then he went to bed at his regular time. HE SLEPT THE WHOLE NIGHT!! Thank you so much. This Momma slept great and Nicholas feels great this AM he is in good spirits, happy and his nose is clear no stuffiness. Thank you again. - Catherine, Ohio.

Green Cream

*A friend brought me some green cream for my back pain. And I've used it daily. It's so amazing. I actually sleep thru the night. - Linda Hull.

*Green cream is a miracle in a bottle! - Lori Lawton.

*My son is in the hospital because he has an abscess behind his tonsils he is unable to move his neck because if the pain but he pointed to Green Cream so I could rub it on his neck and shoulders. Thank you so much for the work you do because of the Green Cream my son's neck feels a bit better. - Catherine, Ohio.

*We love using your Green Cream for sinus problems, but I recently gave my dad some to try for his Polymyalgia rheumatica.  After taking some of mine home, he used it and told me I needed to order some for him!  I was also glad to be able to send some with my 14 year old son to take on his school trip to Washington D.C.  He uses it for sinus relief and was allowed to take it because it is a natural product. - Stephanie, Ohio.

*A friend brought me some green cream for my back pain. And I've used it daily. It's so amazing. I actually sleep thru the night. - Linda Hull.

*I just want to say Thank-you. I first bought your cream cream for my husband for his headaches, at the covered bridge festival. This was several years ago and we were very satisfied with the results and told others about it.  Since then we have tried it on the legs for charlie horse cramps and it is the only thing that helps my husband with these cramps. And we have tried ALOT of things for this.
We are grateful for this cream and how fast we can receive our order. Thanks again, God bless your New Year! Candy & Daryl Schultz

*Thank you for the jar of Green Cream.  It helps me more than any other lotion I have used.  I am happy to have your address again.  Thank you, Jerry Campbell.

*Just want you to know I have fibromyalgia and it (Green Cream) really helps my neck and shoulders, and my husband swears by it for his aches and pains.  Thanks. - Judy, Indiana.

*I have fibromyalgia, and I swear by your cream, I even put a small amount in a jar, in my purse at all times. - Deb G, Ohio.

*I heard you recieved an e-mail from my father, thank you for helping him.  I found the Green Cream at the health food store.  I had surgery, and they turned me onto it.  Since then I am walking with little to no pain.  I gave some to my coworker, and she loves it for her fibromyalgia.  Another coworker has sinus problems, and it works wonders for her. - Cindy, Indiana.

*Thank you so much!  I have used the Green Cream for headaches and cramps, and I have just given a friend some for his post-op knee surgery...and he stated it was the only thing that helped the pain...so I gave him my cream and was in need of replacement. - Debra, Indiana.

*Your Green Cream is fantastic.  I hated the thought of fall and winter because of my sinus problem.  This cream has changed all that, because it helps so much.  Instead of being miserable all winter I can now go and do things.  I have my grandaughter on this product and she thinks it's great too.  I also love your Miracle Healing Skin Cream.  It feels so good on immediately.  I have very dry skin and it really makes a difference.  I love your lip balm and Golden Miracle Cream.  Thanks so much for coming up with your great products. - Patty, Indiana

*I was visiting my sister in Ohio and we went out to the flea market in Hartville---the huge one near the Hartville Kitchen.  You had a little room set up there and we were wondering by and came in to see what you had and decided to try it.  I was hooked when I got home with the Green Cream cause it really soothed my knee that I had had an operation on.  That was my left knee and now my right knee is having severe problems so I thought I would use the cream on it until I can have an MRI to see what is going on and I will probably continue to use it. Sometimes I wonder if it heals.  Anyway, I sure like it for sinus problems, too. - LaDonna, New Mexico

*Jennifer:  My parents need green cream again.  Please send 2 of the 8 oz jars.  Dad gets relief from pain in his shoulders by having it on his back every night so he uses a lot.  He's 97 years old and can't do anything for himself so he lays on his back a lot.  He's lost a lot of flesh so is skin and bones.  Send as soon as possible.  Thanks.  Kathleen, Illinois

Miracle Healing Skin Cream

*Hi Jen!  You may know I am currently on vacation in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!  For the first time in 32 years I stepped in a fire ant nest in the parking lot of a very nice restaurant (on our way to eat – not on the way out – of course!)  I got stung or bit  (not sure which) dozens of times.  I would be lying to say I was not in immense pain before I ever got my sandal off.  Not wanting to ruin dinner for everyone, including myself, I whipped out my supply of miracle cream from my purse and put on a generous coat.  After a few minutes, the pain stopped and it began to itch.  Within 20 mintues, I had about 4 small welts but all other symptoms were gone.  I began to itch again less than 24 hours later so I added another application and it is healing nicely!  It never ceases to amaze me all the ways this cream has helped me (even as I am 6 months pregnant), my son, my neighbors, my friends, and most recently my dad!  Thanks Jen!!! - Shelley, Ohio.

*I need to order some more of your Miracle Healing Skin Cream.  I have ordered before and appreciate your products so much, for they are really helping the psoriasis on my hands.  Thank you again for your service.  I have given your name and a raving review for your products to many people who also have skin problems.  I hope they are helped as much as I have been. - Virginia, Indiana.

*I would like to get another 2 oz jar of the Miracle Healing Skin Cream too.  This is the first product I've ever tried that actually helped me! - Sherry, Ohio.

*After only 1 application of Miracle Healing Skin Cream on my boyfriend's burnt leg, the reddness was nearly gone, and the skin had begun to turn back to flesh tone.  It was bright reddish pink, and now the burn is hardly visible. - Koren, Ohio

*My daughter in law has a terrible rash all over her body.  She is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and has tried everything to stop the itching let alone get rid of the rash.  After countless creams and medications, she tried some Miracle Healing Skin Cream.  She was finally able to get some relief from the itching and get some much needed rest too! - Joy, Bolivar, Ohio. 

*Hi!  A very good friend of mine in IL recently told me about your "AMAZING" creams!  I have had psoriasis for 40 years and have tried every new Rx which has come along with very little success. In the past several years it has started on my hands which is even more irritating than the patches on my arms and scalp.  Although she does not have the same condition, she said that your Miracle Healing Skin Cream is all she uses and that everyone who has tried it has wanted more.  She is able to buy it at a beauty shop in her area.  I definitely am interested in ordering this product as well as the Green Cream.  Thanks so much. - Joanna, South Carolina.

Dry & Cracked Skin Repair

*Hey Jen, I really love the dry and cracked skin repair!! - Joanna, North Carolina. 

*Hi Jennifer, I just ran across your brochure of Sandy's lotions. I have been looking for it for quite sometime. I got acquainted with Sandy when she lived in Greencastle,IN. I work at the Postal Service and became close to Sandy's heart. I was able to try several of her products as she was intrducing them and had bought several that worked. The dry and crack cream is the best. Sandy was concerned about my dry and split fingers and hands and introduced it to me. I love it! I have VERY dry heels and that is the only thing that works on them to make them feel better. I miss her very much as I know you do also. God doesn't have to worry any dry feet 'cause Sandy's right there to help!!!!!! Thank you for carring on her love and passion. God bless you and your family. Cathy Mullis

Facial Products

*Hey Jen! Just had to write & tell you that your products truly are AMAZING!!!  After only one use of the Blemish Control Facial Scrub, my skin feels softer than it has in years! Thank you sooo much for creating these wonderful products! - Becky, Ohio.

*I wanted to let you know that the lotion (Golden Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Cream) works really well. My skin feels a lot better. I’m not nearly as itchy or red as I was yesterday. - Josh, Ohio. (for sunburn)

Baby Products

*I gave Matthew his first sponge bath tonight and used the soap and lotion. I absolutely love them! Thank you so much!  It was so gentle on his skin and they both smell wonderful! Thanks again Jen. - Sherry, Ohio.  


*Everyone should try your soap at least once. I did and I will never buy store bought soap again. I really love the coffee soap. - Staci, Ohio.

Other Products

*I wish you were here to smell how yummy my first floor smells because of your candle!  Not many candles permeate throughout the house, but this one does!  Jeff likes it too.  I very much like the light scent of the deodorant. - Lynn, Ohio.


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